23 signs you’ve caught the travel bug

Ferry back to Istanbul

Travelling is addictive. Once you see that there’s a world beyond your daily routine, it’s hard to focus on anything other than exploration.

Here are the top signs you’ve caught the travel bug. How many do you see in yourself?

1. You think about travel constantly

You’re dreaming of that beach holiday, of that backpacking trip, or of that city break. Travel never leaves your mind.

2. You Pinterest every destination you like

Pinterest doesn’t mean looking at crafts or interior design anymore; it means pinning your fave holiday pics for future inspiration.

3. You constantly check #travel on Instagram

A broad hashtag has plenty of possibility, so you’re always checking out where people are heading.

4. You follow loads of travel blogs

For the latest tips, hints, and snaps. Why not follow us too? 😉

5. Your Facebook pictures are all from holidays

Gone are the days of pictures from drunken nights out.

6. Your friends’ Facebook pictures are all from holidays

The travel bug is easily spread. Now all your friends have it too!

7. Your favourite site is Booking.com / AirBnB

You’re always on the lookout for the next cool weekend trip or place to stay. You might even have a wishlist (or ten) too.

8. You are only a click away from searching for flights

With sites like Skyscanner and Momondo, your latest sky taxi ride is never far away. And you know it.

9. You keep buying equipment you’ll travel with ‘one day’

“A compass and a full fire-starting kit? Sure, why not! I might do a trek through the forest or Patagonia next year,” you tell yourself.

10. Your gifts are travel-themed

Scratch Maps, luggage tags, new suitcases – you name it, you’ve bought it. Want some further travel-themed gift ideas? Check this out.

11. You go to TripAdvisor for fun, not just for feedback

TripAdvisor IS fun, whether you’re reviewing or just reading.

12. You listen to music about ‘getting away’

“I want to get away, I want to fly away; Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Alright, Lenny Kravitz isn’t a great example, but you get the picture.

13. Your money is spent to fill a travel void

“Damn, it’s come to the end of my work holiday allowance for the year. Ah well, time for another gadget to tide me over until I can get time off again.”

14. You save up loyalty points for cheap flights

Supermarket loyalty card programmes, credit card deals and more – you know ALL the ways to use your retail loyalty to your advantage.

15. You are stressed or feel stuck

A symptom that you might not realise you have for a while, but it’s a sign that the travel bug is coming. If you feel trapped or bored of your routine, why not travel? It could be the break you need.

16. You know your hometown too well

Yeah, you’ve got a cool hometown. But wouldn’t it be cool to see someone else’s?

17. Your conversations always include travel stories

“So there was this guy from England…”
“Remember that time in Thailand?”
“This is nothing! When I was in Mexico…”

Yeah, phrases like that are commonplace with you.

18. You always show everyone your travel pictures

“And here’s when we went kayaking. And here’s a temple. And here’s a food picture. And another food picture. And a person walking down a busy street…”

Your friends love you really. Promise.

19. You save your money for travel only

Who needs the newest iPhone when you could spend that money going to the country it was made in instead?

20. You start looking for jobs with unlimited holiday

Your current allowance just ain’t cutting it, paid or unpaid.

21. You travel on every national holiday

Day off at home with the family? Nah. Let’s get out of here.

22. You have a wishlist of travel destinations

It’s probably 100 destinations long, too.

23. You write a travel blog

Um, yeah, well this is awkward…


We’ve definitely got the travel bug. Have you? And how do you know you have?
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