18 weird things on the back of bikes in Vietnam

A man carrying a bunch of metalwork on the back of a moped in Danang, Vietnam

The moped is Vietnam’s cow – it works all year round, on all terrain, and with any task.

One task the moped is especially good at is carrying goods. Here are just a few of the strangest things we saw on the back of a moped.

1. See it to bee-lieve it

A picture of a moped on the way to Halong Bay in Vietnam carrying a bee hiveWell how else will they get to their destination? Fly individually? This guy didn’t want to get stung for taking that chance.

2. The Iceman

A moped in the city of Hoi An, Vietnam, carrying a block of iceNot Kimi Raikkonen, just this guy delivering a large cube of slowly melting ice to a bar.

3. Do it yourself

A man carrying a bunch of metalwork on the back of a moped in Danang, VietnamBuilding materials are a pretty common sight on the back of a bike, many with trailers like this.

4. You’re going bananas

Two mopeds carrying large baskets of bananasI love it when my bananas taste of small moped engine fumes.

5. Playing chicken

A moped weaving through the city streets of Hanoi carrying two live chickensAgain, it’s better than making the bird fly. And you’ve got a supply of eggs for the long trip too.

6. China in your hand

Two guys precariously balancing a stack of china pots on the back of a mopedWith all the weaving in and out of traffic, this is a pretty bold move.

7. Handle with care

A moped carrying boxes of glassThese boxes of glasses are being well treated, albeit the wrong way round.

8. Water ya doing?

A moped carrying large boxes of bottled waterAll that bottled water has to get around the small streets somehow.

9. A fruitful endeavor

A moped carrying fruitsJust off to the market, as you do.

10. The Ghost of Tom Load

A moped with a large extension on the back for heavy loadsJudging by the size of the pallet on the back there was a pretty sizeable load on here.

11. Whistle while you work

A man whistling on his moped carrying a fragile boxIf you read carefully, the box clearly says ‘do not drop’. Judging by the way this is secured, I’m pretty sure that instruction meant nothing.

12. Overnight stay

A man carrying spare clothes and bedding on the back of a mopedThe perfect place for a pillow and clothes.

13. Cut the crap

A man carrying a large box of crisps on a mopedAnd here’s how toilet paper is transported.

14. Blooming hell

A moped passenger carrying a bunch of flowersBad picture, but the passenger here is carrying a bouquet of flowers under a plastic sheet.

15. Fruity

A large tree on the back of a moped in DanangThere’s more tree than moped here.

16. Quite a bit of luggage

Josefin on the Hai Van pass with a mopedFor one day, these magnificent little motorcycles had to carry all of our luggage as well as our weighty frames.

17. Fried rice

A moped carrying riceIn the heat of the sun, this uncovered rice is going to be cooked on the back of this moped.

18. A crisp day

A moped carrying more crispsAll that potato goodness almost in reach…

BONUS! The mobile bomb

Bottles of flammable gas on the back of a truck in VietnamFlammable gas? Check. Direct sunlight? Check. A complete nonchalance from the driver? Check. What could possibly go wrong…


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