Back from Bangkok

In front of Ho Chi Minh statue in Ho Chi Minh City

After a moot end to our trip (hello food poisoning!), we’re now back in Sweden. But all’s well that ends in a Bangkok hospital that turns out to be one of the best in the world. At least if you’re suffering from minor ailments.

Arriving home to the Swedish autumn was a bit of a shock to our systems. People wearing down coats! Hats! Gloves! Essentially things we were only used to seeing on Vietnamese people shielding their skin from the sun.

Slowly we’ve readapted though, and put away all our summer clothes (sob!) after a washing machine marathon. It’s a sad day when you realise you own more wooly hats than swimwear.

In total we were away for 26 days, four of which were spent in Thailand and 22 in Vietnam. We opted for the 30 day tourist visa for Vietnam, and didn’t require visas for Thailand.

Originally we were looking to only fly to Vietnam from our home airport of Copenhagen, and not visit Thailand at all. Researching it further I realised we could get a much better deal if we flew straight into Bangkok without any transfers, using the new Norwegian low-cost long-haul route.

We would save hundreds of dollars by booking the two journeys separately. Neither of us had actually been to Bangkok, and thought it would be fun to visit a new place on the way. In the end, we booked a direct flight between Copenhagen and Bangkok (with Norwegian), and a separate flight Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City (with Air Asia). The difference in price more than paid for our three nights in Bangkok.

We really like flying with Norwegian’s short-haul flights between Copenhagen and London, so thought it would be interesting to try out their long-haul flights. Ash will be writing more about our Norwegian long-haul experiences later, as he’s also flown with them on their new route to New York.

We’ll also be breaking down our trip in more detail than we had time for while in Vietnam. For now, let me start by breaking down the days and places we stayed.

  • Bangkok, three days / two nights
  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), five days / four nights
  • Dalat, three days / two nights + overnight bus there
  • Nha Trang, two days / one night
  • Hoi An, four days / three nights + overnight bus there
  • Hanoi, five days / four nights
  • Halong Bay, one day
  • Sapa, two days / one night + overnight train there
  • Hanoi, two days / one night + overnight train there
  • Bangkok, one day / one night

All in all, 26 pretty amazing days.

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