Monthly recap: April travels


In April we’ve been busy planning our upcoming trips and doing work – y’know that activity that funds our travels? (And, in all honesty, is an interesting and challenging way to spend most of our days.) We’ve booked three short trips for May and a long one for June so some home time has been pretty sweet.

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Destinations in April: Copenhagen (only!)

For the first month in a LONG time, we didn’t travel for an entire month. Well, we had plenty of days out, including an awesome day and night to celebrate Ash’s new EP, but none required an overnight stay.

We had friends stay with us though, which meant a compulsory FYN brunch and leisurely walk through the cobbled streets of Malmö. Definitely a weekend favourite for us. Which might be among the most middle-aged things I’ve ever said.

Love that padlocks have become a thing all over the world.🔒🔒💜💜

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All that home time allowed us to refurnish our apartment, purge a load of things we no longer need or use (and sell it off!), and get back into our exercise routines. The weather also warmed up meaning spring finally hit Sweden after what has been a depressingly gray spring. (Luckily we caught up on sunshine in Madrid already back in February.)

In May we’ll kick-start our summer travels with a weekend in Stockholm for Eurovision (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), followed by a week in London and Sussex. Then we’re back for a few days before setting off on a trip to Nepal.

It’s been five years since I last smelled that sweet and dusty Kathmandu air, sipped a drink in Tom & Jerry’s bar, and had a decent daal bhat.

I also haven’t been back since the major earthquake hit just over a year ago, and am happy to support the crippled Nepalese tourism industry.

But for now, we’re busy catching up on the complete Eurovision 2016 playlist. You’re welcome.


No one does springtime bloom like Turks.🌷🌷👌👌

Ett foto publicerat av The Screndels (@twourism)

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