Monthly recap: March travels

Kraków street

In March we ticked off our third new destination of the year, Kraków, tickling a desire to explore more of Poland and central Europe. Here’s a recap of our month!

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Every generation has made its mark on the Wawel Hill cathedral. 🏰🏰😍😍

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Destinations in March: Stockholm, London, Kraków (new to us!)

Kraków was my second visit to Poland, having previously visited only the north coast – and Ash’s first Polish visit. My Polish stretches to about 15 words (five of which are incredibly rude) but we got along fine with English – much better than in Budapest and Hungary.

The city was a bit deserted for the Easter weekend, but as soon as the sun came out on Easter Monday crowds were joining us on a riverside walk along the Vistula river.

Overall we were really impressed with Kraków and how huge and well-kept the old town is. As usual we stayed in a self-catered apartment, but ended up eating out every day. Kraków offers plenty of awesome restaurants (yes, even for veggies!) at budget prices, meaning we were spoiled for choice each day.

Stockholm was a brief business trip for me again, and London dito for Ash. We were both hard at work and hardly took a picture. We’ll be back with our favourite London and Stockholm sights later on though.

Instagram roundup (clockwise from top left): 1. Picking out wooden painted eggs to add to our Easter travel collection, at a market in Kraków old town // 2. The cathedral on Wawel Hill is marked by each generation // 3. Wandering out of our temporary Kraków apartment // 4. Street art that makes you happy // 5. Religious buildings hold so much history and insight, here St Joseph’s by Rynek Podgórski // 6. Our visit to the two Auschwitz camps will stay with us forever // 7. A gorgeous takeoff from Copenhagen Airport // 8. Vegan Easter brunch in Kraków’s Nova Krova restaurant // 9. Swedish passports are the second best in the world to travel with (so lucky me for being born in the “right” place)

March was a heavy work month for both of us, but also the month that the sun came back to our sweet old Malmö, along with daylight savings. Hurrah for cycling home without needing bike lights!

Next month we’ll be donning our sparkly silver wigs in Stockholm (you think we’re joking!) for Eurovision, along with a group of fellow Abba lovers. EEEUUUUUUUPPPPHHHHHOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

It’s cheesy but Stockholm really is the Venice of the North 😍😍😍

Ett foto publicerat av The Screndels (@twourism)

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