Here a few common questions we’ve answered. If you’re wondering about something else, feel free to drop us a comment.

Who is behind Twourism?

Us, the Screndels! Ash is the British guy who is always organised and has a dark sense of humour, and Jo is the Swedish woman with an always smiley face and optimistic attitude. We love to travel near and far, and love sharing our lives.

What’s Twourism all about?

Twourism is a travel blog which focuses on helping you get the most out of your travels while keeping spending in check, environmental issues considered, and fun maximised.

How did you get your name?

Well we wanted to mention ‘tourism’ in the title, and we are a couple (‘two’ of us). And that’s it!

Is everything here just for couples?

Nope. Of course we are a couple ourselves, but we don’t necessarily go on stereotypical couple’s holidays. Also, ‘couple’ does not need to mean romantic anyway – you could be a couple of friends, or part of a family member team. We’ve also both done some solo travelling, which has plenty of perks too.

Is blogging your job?

Nope, just a hobby. Constant travelling just isn’t possible for us (but then that’s the situation most people find themselves in!). Perhaps one day. Let’s see.

What’s your favourite place you’ve visited so far?

Ash: It used to be Budapest but, post-Vietnam, I’d probably have to say Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City. It’s simply crazy.
Jo: Definitely Nepal, in terms of life-changing, eye-opening places. My favourite nearby place (which I also keep coming back to) is Berlin.

What’s your dream trip you’ve not yet done?

Ash: Either a cross-US road trip, or spending a lot of time exploring Africa, especially towards Namibia. The Middle East too. And Russia. And Australia. SO MANY PLACES.
Jo: I’d love to properly delve into China for a few months.

Do you think about the environment when you travel?

Focusing on the environment is very important to us, though we’re pragmatic about green travel. In our everyday lives we’ve reduced our environmental impact enormously by being vegetarians, not owning a car, cycling most places, commuting by public transport, shopping almost exclusively second-hand, buying mostly organic food, recycling virtually all our waste, and eliminating as many single-use disposable items as possible from our lives.

We have the same mentality when travelling, but unfortunately the greenest options aren’t always realistic to us. For example, we regularly fly between Denmark and the UK to visit Ash’s family, as the non-fly options would take 36-48 hours each way (compared to a 90min flight time).

Are you vegetarians?

Yes, we had both become vegetarians before we met, and still are today. We’re what people call lacto-ovo vegetarians which means we exclude meat, fish and poultry from our diets, though still eat some dairy and eggs. Sometimes this has a big impact on our travels (trying to find veggie food in Hungary, anyone?), and sometimes it’s no biggie at all (like in India). It just means we won’t be recommending any meat dishes or restaurants any time soon.

Are you on social media?

Yes! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and would love to hear from you on any (or all?) of them.