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  • Why we’ll never fly with Wizzair

    Who knows where you could be heading to? Skyscanner helped us discover Lisbon (taken here in flight)

    Honesty is what I appreciate most in bloggers. In particular when they share the not-so-great experiences – like when Adventurous Kate writes about her shipwreck, or  World of Wanderlust talks about how she doesn’t party when she’s travelling alone. We recently had reason to add Wizzair to the list of airlines we won’t fly with […]

  • Featured this month
  • Seven happy reasons to visit Malmö


    Malmö has just been named the happiest city in Sweden and the seventh happiest city in Europe, according to a survey of residents across hundreds of European cities. As a Malmöite born and bred I have had an ambivalent relationship with the city. Like many people, I only began to appreciate the beauties of my […]

  • Latvia
  • All You Need To Know From Our Wintry Trip to Riga

    Riga main park covered with snow

    “Latvia?” said my friend in a dumbfounded tone. “I didn’t even know the country still existed – and I’m only half-joking,” he said. Latvia wasn’t a country that had crossed the minds of Jo and I either. We knew it was there, and we’d heard of people travelling to the capital Riga, but we didn’t […]

  • London
  • Monthly recap: February travels

    waterways with bridges and buildings backlit at sundown

    February was a busy month for us – both workwise and travelwise. Here’s a recap of our month as seen through Instagram. Destinations in February: Madrid (new to us!), London, Sussex, Stockholm Our new destination of the month was Madrid, ticking it off as one of our three new destinations for 2016. Neither of us […]

  • Autumn / Fall
  • Twourism quick guide: Madrid

    the area

    Madrid blew us away with its gorgeous Spanish architecture, network of cosy cobbled streets, and vibrant bar and café culture. It’s one of our favourite cities in the world and should definitely be high on your to-visit list. Here is our quick guide to the city, helping you make the most of your time in […]

  • Asia
  • Your Plan for Travelling Through Vietnam


    Travelling through Vietnam was perhaps the best trip we’ve ever had (at least by 2015). We want you to enjoy Vietnam as much as we did. That’s why we’re breaking down how we planned for Vietnam here, and why we tell you the real cost of travelling through Vietnam here. By the end of this […]

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  • The Real Cost of Travelling Through Vietnam

    Sunset over Hoi An, Vietnam

    Travelling through Vietnam on a make-or-break countrywide trip has become a rite of passage for many travellers. While the south-north (or vice versa) route is incredible, it’s not entirely necessary to develop a love for Vietnam. You could just stay in the south, centre or north and feel the wonder of this beautiful country. So […]

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  • 23 signs you’ve caught the travel bug

    Ferry back to Istanbul

    Travelling is addictive. Once you see that there’s a world beyond your daily routine, it’s hard to focus on anything other than exploration. Here are the top signs you’ve caught the travel bug. How many do you see in yourself? 1. You think about travel constantly You’re dreaming of that beach holiday, of that backpacking […]

  • Berlin
  • The 3 place rule and where we’ll go next

    A landscape view of the entire Sapa valley, with rice fields in the foreground and mountains in the background.

    Travel is our biggest expense and a major part of our lives. We actually spent more on travel than rent last year, and hope to do the same for 2016. To make sure travelling doesn’t just remain a lofty distant dream, we started setting concrete travel targets. Our basic target is the three place rule: […]

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  • 5 of our biggest travel surprises in 2015

    Jo overlooking the Bosphorous, Istanbul, Turkey

    Whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, you know that some things when you travel will just be great. Until they’re not. We’ve had quite a few bad moments in 2015 but we’ve also had a fair share of pleasant surprises. By the end of this blog, you’ll see why you should never give up […]