• Bangkok
  • Our 6 worst travel experiences in 2015

    Travelling ain’t all rosy. We’re sharing our six worst travel moments in 2015 and what we learnt from them. When 2015 ended it also meant our biggest year of travelling (yet) came to an end. While most of our travels have honestly been fantastic there have also been some less glorious moments. Travel blogs provide […]

  • Everyday travel
  • How to survive travelling as a couple – 9 things to remember


    It may seem like we always get along, but that’s because the internet is a strange realm of constant marketing. We’re a couple and, like all couples, we sometimes disagree. One time our tensions can boil over is during travelling. We have different habits, different needs, different perspectives on things. Yet they can all be […]

  • Local travel / staycation
  • Seven Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travel lovers

    pendant necklace showing the map and name of Milan

    Most keen travellers I know prefer to gain experiences over material things, but that’s not saying a physical present would necessarily go amiss. 😉 Why not theme your gift around their love for travel instead (and your love for them, of course!)? With a month until Valentine’s, there’s still plenty of time to get something […]

  • Berlin
  • 11 of the best budget travel destinations for a short Europe trip

    Sintra and surrounding area

    We Europeans are so spoiled; we’ve got so many wonderful destinations right on our doorstep just waiting to be explored. But isn’t travelling around Europe expensive, difficult, and time-consuming? It doesn’t have to be. So think about taking a couple of days off work  or going away for the weekend and get out there! Here […]

  • Asia
  • Sublime Sapa: The best bits from north Vietnam’s paradise

    A landscape view of the entire Sapa valley, with rice fields in the foreground and mountains in the background.

    With such adoration for Halong Bay, Sapa (or Sa Pa) is rarely uttered as the highlight of Vietnam. But it should be the highlight for every traveller. With a tourist-friendly yet wild atmosphere, walking routes galore, great food, truly wonderful hospitality, and some of the most stunning scenery in the world, Sapa is a must […]

  • Flights
  • 8 foolproof methods to find cheap flights


    Finding and booking flights can be rather stressful. With so many routes and prices out there, finding the best value can be tough. So here are the sites and methods we use to assure we’re getting the most out of our money. If you’ve got any tips we’ve not covered then just write us a […]

  • Copenhagen
  • Everything you need to know about Copenhagen airport

    The view across Terminal 3 of Copenhagen airport

    Alright, so we are slightly biased when we praise Copenhagen airport. It is our closest and most used airport after all. Yet out of all the airports we’ve used, from Vietnam to the US, Copenhagen airport is the best run, best organised, and the most clean we’ve seen so far. (What’s your favourite? Let us […]

  • Asia
  • 11 questions to ask yourself for the perfect Halong Bay cruise

    Halong Bay as seen from the Alova Cruise boat top deck

    If you asked me to pick a word to summarise a Halong Bay cruise, I’d say ‘overhyped’. Yes Halong Bay is beautiful, but taking a cruise there is not what I’d classify as a ‘do before you die’ adventure. That shocks people. I’ve had friends visit and remark that it’s the most tranquil place they’ve […]

  • Brunch
  • Four favourite independent Malmö cafés

    Outside a building with a green door and big windows that say FYN.

    Malmö, like most of the developed world, is littered with coffee chains. From Starbucks (yep, they finally made it here too) to Swedish chains like Espresso House and Wayne’s Coffee, and Scandinavian ones like Joe & the Juice (literally my least-favourite café in Malmö – sorry Joe!). They’re everywhere. While I’m a big fan of […]

  • Coffee
  • What a Swedish fika is all about

    Latte and sandwich Swedish fika at Bagericaféet in Malmö, Sweden

    SPOILER ALERT: It’s nothing rude or even vaguely sexy. Unless you find cakes sexy, in which case I like you already. After spending September in the sweltering Vietnamese heat, the Swedish October slapped us in the face. With autumn closing in on us (hello wintertime!), we’ve been forced to give up on beach walks and […]