Why we’ll never fly with Wizzair

Who knows where you could be heading to? Skyscanner helped us discover Lisbon (taken here in flight)

Honesty is what I appreciate most in bloggers. In particular when they share the not-so-great experiences – like when Adventurous Kate writes about her shipwreck, or  World of Wanderlust talks about how she doesn’t party when she’s travelling alone.

We recently had reason to add Wizzair to the list of airlines we won’t fly with (it’s very short – we only avoid RyanAir and Aeroflot), and thought we’d share our reasoning. In case you’re looking to book a flight with Wizzair, here are some things to consider first.

If we had discovered the aptly-named Wizzairsucks.com and the awful reviews of Wizzair we would not have booked the trip to begin with.


The background to our troubles was a booked trip with Wizzair from Malmö Sturup Airport to Warsaw. Due to spend the weekend exploring Warsaw for the first time, we were shocked to realise that our flight home had been cancelled (without any notification). Instead, Wizzair had booked us onto the flight the day before – leaving us with less than two days in Warsaw.

After an hour or so trying to sort out the situation with Wizzair, we decided to forgo our trip and book a flight with Norwegian to Riga instead. Riga was brilliant, but our bad experience with Wizzair continued.

Another Lisbon shot, this time of a plane landing at the local airport.
Not Wizzair.

Hidden charges and fees
We’re pretty used to extra hold luggage fees, charges for booking a specific seat, and paying administrative charges, but Wizzair takes this to a whole new level. Read the fine print, then read it again.

Wizzair has its own (tiny) handluggage allowance
The size of Wizzair’s allowed free onboard luggage is about the size of a daypack backpack, forcing you to either pay for hold luggage or wear the same thing all week.

Calling their customer service costs a fortune
The Swedish number costs ~10 SEK/min (£0.9, or €1) which means calling Wizzair could end up costing more than your flight. Said number was also blocked by our phone provider, as well as Skype Out, meaning we couldn’t call them on that number even though we tried. On the UK site we managed to find a different number that is free to call if you already have a booking with Wizz Air.

Poor language support
We booked through the Swedish site, yet no customer service is offered in Swedish. English was a struggle for the first two customer service representatives we spoke to, meaning we didn’t get help even once we got through on the phone.

Cancellations without notice
Customer service claimed we should have been notified of our cancelled and rebooked flight, but we checked and double-checked and had received no emails, calls or texts. By sheer luck we noticed that the flight times had changed online – otherwise we would have turned up at the airport and had to pay full price for hotel nights we couldn’t use.

If these concerns are relieved, we would consider flying with Wizzair – but until then, we’ll be staying clear of Wizzair.

The view from the Dreamliner over the wing, with this horrible blue hue to it (due to the 'blinds')

Have you flown with Wizzair? What was your experience?

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